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We guarantee an individual approach to investments and partnership cooperation at every stage of implementation:

  • We buy and develop a project to build large-area photovoltaic farms from the market
  • We run the investment design process
  • We provide general contractor services
  • We manage installations in the operation phase (O&M services)
  • We organize the necessary financing of the investment

For larger projects, we assume the possibility of cooperation in the Joint Venture system with precisely defined assumptions already at the beginning of the implementation of the joint investment.

Feel free to contact us and cooperate!


The lease of a plot for photovoltaics takes place in areas with low valuation classes, which translates into a low usable value of this area.

Due to the small interference in the ground, there is no degradation and devastation of agricultural land, and the modules raised above the ground level make it possible for small animals to move freely. In turn, the cessation of agricultural production allows for the reconstruction of the natural biocoenosis of the soil, which in the future will make the area fertile again.

Parameters of the leased land:

  • Earth class: IV-VI,
  • Area from 1 ha,
  • Proximity to power lines,
  • No protected areas,
  • No obstacles on the plot, i.e. trees, waters, hills, shadows.

We offer an additional bonus of up to 5,000/MW after obtaining the connection conditions


If you are looking for a general contractor for your large-area photovoltaic farm construction project, please contact us! Prime PV is also competent to provide support at the stage of choosing the form of investment financing.

As a general contractor, we comprehensively carry out construction works, provide materials at attractive prices and purchase accessories related to the equipment of photovoltaic farms. Let’s supervise the entire process related to the photovoltaic farm until the moment of energization.

Thanks to the experience gained by Prime PV in the implementation of photovoltaic farm projects throughout the country, we are able to comprehensively implement your project. We can start cooperation already at the investment design stage.


Each launched photovoltaic farm is constantly monitored, all parameters are provided on an ongoing basis. Both the owner and the DSO have constant insight into the functioning of the installation.

The Prime PV offer in the field of asset management includes comprehensive support for Investors at the stage of installation operation, regardless of its capacity (we service installations from 1MW and above).

We provide comprehensive photovoltaic farm management services, from technical service, accounting services,  
to seasonal work such as snow removal and lawn mowing.

The final scope of services is each time adapted to the expectations and needs reported by the client.

Feel free to contact us to present the scope and other details of our O&M service offer. Cooperation with us will ensure stress-free benefits from your investment in PV.



We are a team of enthusiasts and professionals trusted by a strategic investor with a strong financial position. Thanks to such a constellation, we stand out from the competition with a comprehensive approach to the investment process. While developing our own RES projects, we also actively participate in acquisitions of projects at various stages of development. We redesign them, adapting them to current market conditions, which ensures optimization in the implementation phase of individual investments. The active participation of team members during construction also ensures effective servicing of finished RES projects.

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